Love Bugs

So it's that time of year, yep, lovebug season! Here at the dealership you can't walk outside and breathe without inhaling one. They say that lovebugs tend to be attracted to car emissions and black top roads. I guess that's why there are over 2 million of them here! Just kidding. Yesterday I thought the lovebugs were so thick that it was blocking out the sun. But apparently that was an eclipse... So today we are spending all day washing lovebugs off of vehicles, especially customer vehicles. Look at this new Tahoe that came off transport today.
What I have learned is that lovebugs have acidic bodies that will cause damage to your vehicle's paint if you don't get them off soon. Also, a good coat of wax can help prevent them from causing any damage. So, as we go through, yet another lovebug season, try your best to keep them off your vehicle.